Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A New Definition of Beauty

Hello there,

So I was told for the second time yesterday since my operation that I have a beautiful…face, no, outfit, no, daughter, well yes but no. I was told that I had a beautiful incision that would eventually form into a beautiful scar. I am apparently the beauty queen of post surgical incisions and scars! Bring on the tiara people! How did my parameters of what constitutes beautiful change so dramatically from the traditional to the downright morbid? I have a feeling my original definitions of what constitutes beauty will change significantly over the next year. Not only am I facing a very real anatomical change, I will also be rocking the Sinead look in a month or so. Unfortunately my genetics also failed me on the nose front having been born with a larger than life nose that makes me cringe in profile shots I blame the Hungarian side for this injustice! I can only imagine what it will look like without my lovely hair and eyebrows to distract from it. I joked that maybe I could barter a 2 for 1 surgery and they could throw in a rhinoplasty at the same time! I mean who says no to the cancer patients!! Well surgeons apparently do.

So as my reservation for the C spa fast approaches so does my impending hair loss which I will have to get used to and find the silver lining to. I mean think of the time saved on blow drying, straightening and the money saved on the gazillion hair products I own or pricey haircuts. Okay I am digging here on the benefits as I haven’t really gotten around to finding anything remotely good about it. But I will because that is just how I am. God I even hate myself sometimes for the cheesy lines I actually put down here.

I have always been a shopping girl and it nearly bankrupted me in my younger days. So why not start researching how to be chemo chic? I mean I have always made sure I looked the part, despite often not being able to execute it. Like the time I wanted to be pro snowboarder or a mountaineer! I actually never hit a jump or climbed K2 but boy did I have the gear to look like I did. So why not throw myself into the world of online shopping. I mean I will have a cue ball for a head shortly so why not dress it up. I was tempted to type in Chemo Chic into Google but instead opted for headgear for chemo patients. Well suddenly I was transported into another world of wraps, turbans, scarves, and hats. If this was one time I wished I wore a burka it was now. I just would not be having this problem now would I. Anyways some weren’t even that bad so I clicked buy on a few just to get the ball rolling on my chemo wardrobe. So maybe I could still find the fun side of this crappy situation and indulge in a little retail therapy at the same time! I may have cancer, but what girl doesn’t like dressing up. And I have heard the turban is totally it for Summer 2011.



  1. I am in awe to see how you can find the positive and the humor in such a life challenge. I am very proud to be one of your many friends.
    Hey I thought of something else, I remember Kate Ingram's hair as always being so dry, damaged and abused (mostly by chlorine and you dying it) but by losing it all, maybe after it was all grow in as new hair (virgin hair!) free of dyes and products!
    I think you using this event in your life to write more and explore the inner you is amazing, healing and thank you for sharing it with all of us! Keep writing!
    sending warm hugs, Sarah B and family (all the way from Qc)

  2. I wish there was a like button as I'd like Sarah's comment over! 'Chemo Chic'? Am I hearing business opportunity?!? Hihii.. love you :)

  3. Now is your chance to try on a rainbow of haircolours-in the form of a wig. It might sound cheesy but a woman I work with came in with a wig and it looked so cute. Hmmm...maybe I will get one myself : ) I forgot what an amazing writer you are Kate. I remember the time you were covering a sports event for the UBC paper and I took some pictures- all of which turned out terrible. Ha
    ha ha!

  4. You are a fashion girl and I know you will be able to pull off any look you choose.

  5. Oh Honey YOU! I hear my Kate again! Thanks for writing...makes me feel your closer than that ocean apart...x

  6. Hello Katie,
    This is Cynthia, a friend of your Mom's in Vancouver, formerly from Montreal.
    Thank you for your blogs, they are great writings!
    Just want to say one thing now, that is, I had a first hand experience seeing many young women, in Cairo, Egypt, looking so attractive wearing their head dresses, so much so that i think why don't we all try this, which will spare us all the troubles on those bad hair days..! Very liberating indeed.
    So go for it Katie!