Monday, April 11, 2011

Where to begin?

Well this is my second attempt to start a blog and i figure my subject matter might be alittle more shocking if not appealing then my first idea. Being a new mom is amazing but doesnt always appeal to everyone, i.e: people who arent new moms so I am taking a stab at it again and people be ready to be shocked.

So what is the source of my inspiration? It is a word that terrifies most people and sadly it is much too widespread these days. Yes I am talking about the big C. So my next challenge when thinking up this blog is how the hell do I keep this blog upbeat and funny despite the depressing subject matter? So therein lies my challenge which like kicking the big C's ass, I am fully up to. And that is also where my new nickname comes from. I doubt you can guess what is stands for but just think of me as the hip hop star of the cancer world. I mean those are the people typically rocking acronym names right? So my new alter ego is none other then the One Boobed Bandit. Yes people you can even have super heroes in the world of malignant cells! I always need to find humour in everything so this is my attempt here.

So I wont get into exhausting detail about the nitty gritty of it all because it isnt the most uplifting information for anyone to read. But I am young. Too young to be facing something like this. I think i scare some of my friends and our sense of immortality. Suddenly every ache and pain you feel could be it. It really could drive you insane obsessing over it. I was lucky if you can consider anyone with cancer lucky. I found mine by chance. Without this act of divine intervention I would have found out years down the line when things would have been decidedly more grim. So a month after sitting alone in a surgeon's office for a standard post op visit and hearing those words, I am the OBB and preparing for the next stage of my ascent to the top of the C Mountain. The C Spa or chemo for those who are more affectionately acquainted with it. So I hope I will be a wee more committed to this blog. If anything I have been given loads more free time to try and connect with the blog world and just maybe write something that makes someone smile, chuckle or even a shed a little tear. And I mean tear in the most upbeat, happy crying kind of way!

So I will sign off here as it is alot of information to digest for anyone. I will try to keep things light, funny and maybe at times abit sentimental. But never dark. If you cant laugh at something in some way (even if it slightly inappropriate!) then really what is the point?

And here is a quote for the day! I am obsessed with quotes. Thought this was appropriate and ironic as well!!

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
Dolly Parton




  1. Great stuff Kate. Love your sense of humor and YOU!

  2. Wonderful upbeat writing Kate.I am sending you positive thoughts to help you through this journey.Keep up your sense of humor! Sue Brown

  3. 'You down with OBB?! Ya u know me!' hihiii.. Beautifully written and I look forward to following your blog as you navigate your new world <3

  4. "U know the OBB? Yeah you know me!" Can you hear the beat too?? I sure can! Oh man, you are amazing. Laughing is a great healer too, you sure got that down. Much love.

  5. LOL, I was going to write: You down with OBB? Yeah, you know me!" But I see the two previous commenters beat me to it!

    I hope you will find the writing as therapeutic and thought-provoking as I have. I think blogging makes me look at things differently; it makes me hold my thoughts, feelings, and issues up to the light and look at them from different angles. And though my subject matter is much lighter than yours, it does force me to find the funny and the positive in most situations because, like you said, who wants to read a blog that is all doom and gloom? That said, I think you are more than entitled to share the gloomy bits from time to time as well.

    I'm looking forward to following you on your ass-kicking journey to victory!

  6. Class, Charm, and Character are the big C's that I associate you with.

  7. Kate thanks for sharing.
    Your mom had shared this with us.
    What an insightful account and filled with the humour,intelligence and love which we have come to know is a trademark of the Ingram's.
    Just celebrated my friends 70'th birthday, who had her CSpa journey some 40 years ago as a young mother of 2.
    Sending much love and positive energy your way,
    Carol and John Edwards