Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Permission to Board the Vessel

Well since I began this blog I have focused around the superhero angle (seeing as I am OBB) and also around water/boat imagery. And now as I am one day away from the second round of the C-spa, I want to introduce someone new to the mix. I like to call them Captain AC – as in Captain Anti Cancer. Now I am all for company and have struggled for years to entertain myself when alone so I never say to guests but when it comes to cancer I draw the line. It is really a party for one type of thing as I wouldn’t wish this on anyone really as it is tough, gritty and intense. Yet here is Captain AC asking for permission to board the vessel.

Reluctantly I must say yes and make room on my boat.

I guess there is always strength in numbers but I find it so hard when someone else is called to this special club. Especially someone I know and love. Of course I have been incredibly positive through my journey so far and have found the humor in many elements of my situation, however at the end of the day it is still the Big C and in the words of Samantha from SATC – “Maybe cancer isn’t that funny.”

So as we both launch our boat into the sunshine and search for the peace of the endless blue ahead, I hope you will all wish us an eventful and successful journey.

"To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping” Chinese Proverb



  1. Welcome on board, AC Captain! So it sounds like you are very ready to join, if not direct, the crew on the journey towards victory. For sure, the AC-battle won't be an easy one and definitely not a joke. But if we stay positive and calm, and continue to fight with courage and determination, the blood and sweat that we shed over the boisterous sea will eventually lead us to triumphant joy.

    As our numbers increase, we get more strength, knowledge and wisdom to support each other. Kate, being young and energetic, live up to your expectation and ambition. You will not let down your loved ones. I hope your second round of c-spa has been a smooth one.

    Well, in running a race, we just need to focus on the track ahead of us. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted and stumbled. All we need to combat and overcome is the obstacles in front. For as long as the immediate act is done well, we are one step closer to the finished line. Yesterday is unimportant. Surviving one tough day is the start of a next day of Hope and Believe. Way to go AC-ship!

    Hugs and prayers!

  2. We heard the news Sunday, and we didn't like it!
    I hope the clouds will go away soon.
    lots of love (and kicks) from us 3