Monday, August 13, 2012

A Trip to C-Town

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update from me today – nothing profound on the agenda. Things have been busy as I have been adapting to my new job – full time mother to my 2.5 year old! It has been a big change for me but of course I cant complain too much about spending time with my little monkey as that time is just a treasure really. But looking after a toddler all day is tough but doing it after cancer is a wee bit challenging for me!

In other news, I took a trip to C-Town last week after having had a break of nearly 4 months since my last visit. In all honesty I was really hoping I was going to make it to my next check up next month without any visits but things didn’t turn out that way.  I always try to look fab when I go there and have done so since the beginning of this journey. I whipped out the Dior gloss, cute outfit and fixed the hair as I wanted everyone to look at me and think – Cancer survivor? No way – she looks like a supermodel! Well it worked as everyone was so happy to see me and remarked on how great I looked. Unfortunately I wasn’t there for social reasons and was meeting the doctor to discuss this pain I have been having for the past 6 or 7 weeks. Pain is so sinister in the world of cancer because it can mean so many different things and the only way to determine what it is requires further investigation. No oncologist will look at me and my past diagnosis and say “Oh don’t worry it is nothing and you can just go about your day.” God what I would do for a doctor to tell me I was going to be ok! No of course as expected they wanted to perform a bone scan as soon as possible to ensure there wasn’t anything else happening. It was frustrating to say the least as I of course hate tests and the difficult waiting periods but what I hate more is needles!!! Another needle in my vein shooting me full of radiation is not my idea of a fun Friday but that is exactly where I will be this week. Send happy thoughts my way and let\s just hope it was a case of being over cautious and nothing turns up.

And I thought as I almost never post any pics on here, I thought I would post my current job description via pics below!!!

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