Thursday, October 10, 2013

After the Rain...A Rainbow Appears

I wanted to give you all an update on things in my life. Another week has gone by and thankfully there havent been any medical emergencies. Now that's a first! A boring week is just what we needed in our house. I have been so tired lately, feeling anxious and having such terrible pain throughout my body. I am really feeling the chemo‘s effect on my joints even down to my fingers - everything feels like it has been through the wars and it is frustrating. Not to mention the fact that my fingers go white and numb when I walk outside for literally a minute or even while eating a cold apple. I will need arctic down mittens before Halloween even arrives! Oh happy fun chemo side effects.

I think anger has been the theme of the week. It was almost like this whole nightmare with my sick leave coverage acted as a catalyst for unleashing all my anger over everything that has happened. I felt like all of my problems stemmed back to one thing - CANCER! I think I have managed to stay fairly calm throughout the last few years and accepted much of what was thrown my way. Anger was not something I felt much of but lately it is all I feel. I am angry at the time I feel has taken from me. I am angry at all the side effects I am living with that may or may not ever go away. I am angry that i cannot just get up tomorrow morning and go to work like most people. I am angry that even though i have been to hell and back, I have no guarantees over what the future holds for me. It all just seems to unfair. You know I think a lot of people especially young people take for granted the fact that they are able to work. Yes sometimes it can suck but trust me life would be boring without it.  I would give so much to snap my fingers and be able bodied again. With so many issues happening with my body at present, sometimes I get scared that I wont ever be well enough or strong enough to function the way I want to. So yes you can see that things have been challenging as of late.

However my husband and I got such a shock this week that finally allowed us to catch a break.Things were looking so bleak for us in terms of this battle over my sick pay and my husband had been working tirelessly on it for weeks. I was fairly useless in the situation as all I would do is start to cry. We were expecting a defeat because the last few years have been one bad luck scenario after another. And with so many defeats, it can become very difficult to change your mindset and think things will be different. But things are different. They have reversed their ruling and everything is going to be okay! We were both relieved when we found out but also felt oddly deflated by the surprise decision. I think when you expect and prepare for the worst but then get the opposite, there is a bit of an anti-climax reaction. We both thought we would have to keep fighting but suddenly the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining again. I am happy though and I feel like now I can focus on getting better and working my way back slowly the way it needed to happen. I also will be able to focus on my rehabilitation and will be leaving in a week and half to spend 2 weeks at a Cancer Rehabiliation Centre in another part of Norway.The program is individualised and focuses on getting you physically and mentally stronger after treatment. I knew this program was exactly what my body needed but I was so afraid of being away from my family for so long.The actual program is 3 weeks but we managed to get them to allow me to stay for 2. Being away from my little monkey is so tough for me especially when I feel that my future is still so uncertain. You just want to squeeze everything out of every moment and not miss a thing. And as a mother you of course think that both your child and husband will completely fall apart without you there acting as the glue! But of course they will survive and are more then capable of being away from you. It is about time I focus on me - no interruptions, no distractions, no nothing. Because as much as I try to rest at home, it never actually happens. I feel too guilty and just dont want to spend my days in bed. This will be good for me and will make me a better person who will be better equipped to cope with life again.

The road ahead is unknown and we will need all the strength we can to get through the next challenges that come our way. Like that scan that looms in the background - I cant escape the fear of what it represents and how much weight it bears on my life, on my future. Like I told Dr Sunshine yesterday - I just can't do cancer a third time...I just can't.

I wanted to thank so many of you that reached out to us when things were looking bleak over the last few weeks.So many of you have such generous hearts and kind souls and were ready to help in any way you could. It reminds me of all the good in this world and that it isn't all doom and gloom. The love that has surrounded us has been amazing and I want to thank you for showing us what good people there are in our lives. And thank you to my husband for fighting so hard for me. Finally a victory for Team NorCan. I love you.


PS We are fast approaching 100,000 visits to this page. Very exciting milestone for me. Thank you for all the support and keep reading.


  1. oh, kate, I am so thrilled for the victory with your sick pay! your husband is amazing, and I am sure you are feeling so blessed for your Knight in Shining Armor.

    you have every reason to feel anger, and I hope you do not hold it inside, but just let it rip! thank goodness for the cancer re-hab centre you will be going to, to help you re-invent your life. I can't wait to hear all about your experience there - we definitely need those kinds of facilities here in the US.

    100,000 visits to your site will be something to celebrate! you can be sure if you continue to write, lots of your cancer sisters and brothers will be right here for you, to read and offer much love and support.

    much love and light, my friend, XOXO


  2. What a wonderful great relief to you and your husband ! Good to know that they have reversed their ruling and so a big solution to your financial worry.Truly something to be thankful for!

    Dear Kate, now you have witnessed another magic outcome after much struggle, it's time you really need to love yourself and focus on your recovery. This is something important and not selfish but a very sound decision to make. I sincerely hope and pray that your 2 weeks rehabilitation and individualised program will get you physically and mentally stronger. You need it! Please make it into a true break with great peace of mind, free from anxiety, interruptions and distractions. Your little daughter, under the loving care of your dear husband, will be just fine.

    Yes, the world isn't all doom and gloom. Of course, in desperation and helplessness, we groaned and moaned, it's natural and human, but we didn't give up. Despite your anger, frustration, and spite on the unfairness, you feel the amazing love surrounding you. That's good!Your great husband is a true blessing in your life too. You have so much goodness in you. You will make every dream come true when your health is re-established. Good days and happiness lie ahead. Rainbow after rainbow will continue to appear, great health and strength will accompany you all the way! You will witness every step of your daughter growing up. So CHEERS and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! (Oct.14 is our Thanksgiving day in Canada)

    Hugs and Prayer!

  3. YAY, a well-deserved (and long-overdue) victory for Team NorCan!!!