Saturday, November 2, 2013

Girl Interrupted

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick check in to let you all know that I have made it home safe and sound. Nothing too profound to say but a few thoughts and pics to show you how I am feeling and where exactly I was.

Despite what I first thought upon arriving at rehab (always makes me laugh when I say that) - I did come away from the experience a richer and better person. After reading my last post, I think it was evident that I had learnt some valuable lessons and I pleased to report that my education continued once I got home. It was so wonderful to see my husband and daughter again and they were definitely happy to see me too. Apparently I have a fairly key essential role and presence in this house and its absence was duly noted. :) What can I say - everyone loves to be missed. But what I also discovered was that after only a few short hours, I felt stressed again and the pace of life slightly overwhelming. I truly underestimated how much more energy and work goes into looking after others rather then just yourself. After a day or two, I felt drained and exhausted again and the healthy glow in my face had faded slightly. Now don't get me wrong people - I love my family and there isn't anywhere else I would rather be but it made me think...alot. We so easily let day to day life take too much out of us and suddenly we stop really living. We are simply surviving. I know many of my friends do the same with all the stresses and pressures from work, family and life. It is nearly impossible not to let it take you down without even being aware of it. After the wool has been pulled from my eyes, I personally just don't want to live that way but it takes alot of work to stop the cycle. But this experience of being away has started me on the right path - I know what I want now and wasn't aware of it at all until now. Trying to be the perfect mother, the best wife, the go to friend and the hardest working employee is a recipe for self destruction yet many of us try to do it all and lose parts of ourselves in the process. Something always suffers. I know I can't do it all (and throw in a fight for your life) and suddenly you are drowning. So I will try to not do it all but prioritise what is really important to me right now and act accordingly. I need to capitalise on this newfound perspective and not just let old patterns and routines fall back into place. My time to change is now.

Here are some pictures of the rehab center, its surroundings and some selfies (slang for pictures of yourself). I definitely think rehab did me good.

Hugs and happy weekend!



  1. Awesome post, beautiful pics, you go girl! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous Girl and smart as well. As I returned to your blog page, I noticed that you have surpassed the 100,000 mark on you readership. CONGRATULATIONS! There are lot of us out here reading you and sending you positive energy and love. Captain AC