Sunday, August 10, 2014

Game Day

The time that elapses coming up to a big scan is always "dead time" for me. Like a wave rushing to shore that gets slower and slower until it finally crashes in a Big Bang. I am in the slow mode right now and am finding it hard to navigate this limbo until the crash where all things become known. Things have been going really well for me lately and I have finally become excited for the future again without fearing it as much. I have managed to get my crap together for the third time and it feels good. But now as this day gets closer and closer, I felt like time has started to stand still and will remain so until we got through this hump. It is like pre scan, during scan and post scan time periods and right now I feel this genuine reluctance to let myself get really happy about future plans until I know things are going to be okay. I tell people all the time that by thinking this way it in no way means that I am thinking negatively - I am just being prepared for all possible outcomes. It is safer that way at least for me especially considering my track record. I never want to be caught out ever again by that bitch called cancer.

I have found the weekend exhausting and emotional. And my level of frustration over some physical issues is making me mad. I wanted to scream and cry all at the same time last night because of this damn chest pain that has picked up momentum in the last few weeks. I am just so sick of being in pain and of course my mind plays out a dozen different scenarios surrounding its origins. Any change in anything is utterly terrifying. In addition my stomach has been awful and I just feel sick pretty much after every time I eat. Being chronically bogged down by these chronic ailments all the time when I should be in pretty good shape is demoralizing and I cant exactly talk about it all the time because it is boring. But just because it is boring and constant doesn't make it disappear for me. I live with these things every day and my patience is wearing thin. I want to wake up and feel okay. It is so draining dragging this tired aching body around all day and I feel like my happy face often hides the pain. If i looked at myself most days, I would have no clue what I had been through nor what I am still dealing with. That can be the tricky bit - what truly lies beneath. Because I am the last person who wants to look how I feel and I put so much daily effort into looking like the person I hope I will one day actually feel like. However others can think that the outside matches the inside and not realise what burdens i am carrying along in my fabulous handbag.  Some days I feel like my bones are made of glass seeing as how fragile and weak they feel. I actually awake from the pain I feel when I sleep on my side and my hip presses into my mattress. What am I the bloody princess and the pea? But I keep trying and keep trudging on in the hope that all of this will one day be a bad dream I vaguely remember bits of.

For now - it is game day tomorrow and we will have to wait longer this time before we know what is the score. A whole week of wondering the what ifs until we sit down in a white sterile room trying to read the face of my oncologist again. I keep looking at my skin and pondering what is happening underneath. Are my cells behaving? Or have they commenced their own civil war again? One week is nothing and everything at the same time. So if you have a moment for me tomorrow around 10am send me some happy thoughts and here's hoping my next entry will again be nothing but good news!

Love and hugs from a slightly more fragile than normal OBB.


  1. wishing you an ocean of happy thoughts and positive vibes.

  2. How are you doing? Hope all is well.


  3. Thinking of you and wishing you the best... You have so honestly and articulately described such a challenging time. You can't imagine how many people are holding you close in their hearts. Hope we hear again from you soon.