Friday, May 11, 2012

My Mother´s Day Gift

In celebration of Mother´s Day across the pond, I wanted to do something for my own mother. (this is an early entry as I will be out of range all weekend in nature!).

My definition of a mother:

A mother is someone who always seems to be on hand with a pack of ice and a cartoon bandaid when you scrap your knee. And with a kiss you are healed.

A mother is someone who you sometimes hate but realise later that whatever she did to make you angry was out of love.

A mother is someone whose hug is warmer then the thickest or wooliest blanket.

A mother is someone whose needs always come second to yours. Something she does happily and with no regrets.

A mother is someone who you want to call up when things arent going your way.

A mother is someone who picks up the pieces when your world truly falls apart.

A mother is someone who no matter how much time passes, how much taller or bigger then her you get - still makes you feel like the little person you were - eternally protected by her love.

I learned all of these things from you and I feel proud of the mother I have grown to become. Some of it was me, some of it was you and in the process, my daughter has been so blessed to have a mother like me and a nana like you. Her world is so full of love and she knows nothing else. I dont want any of that change...ever.

I love you. Happy Mothers Day Beatron.

Your little Kati

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  1. Oh Kate, “my once upon a time little Kati”, thank you for this lovely blog. You make me feel important. My heart is smiling at your message and I feel glad and grateful. If you believe that I have been all these things to you, I am truly a very happy mother and Nana B. I think you appreciate me today b/c you now are also a mother and are learning about the territory. But then... as I watched you grow up, I always knew that you will be a great mom. You have been gifted with a kind, generous spirit, sensitivity, awareness and an unusual sense of whimsy and imagination. It is a joy to see these qualities expressed when you are with your little munchkin. Of course she feels loved….

    Motherhood doesn’t necessarily come naturally; you kind of grow into it by trial and error and build on what you were given by your own mother, temperament and life’s events. It certainly has been a grand adventure for me, and experience helps one to improve. Both you dad and I were devoted to and delighted by all three of you and were a good parenting team.

    For a moment, if I may reminisce, I also want to include a little memory of my own mother’s thoughtfulness. On the morning of my graduation ball from high school, I had a breakfast party after celebrating all night. When I got home with my guests, I found everything labeled with a note to help me get the breakfast going for my guests eg. put croissants in oven, coffee here, fruit tray in fridge etc. etc. She knew how hopeless I was in the morning…. … Mothers know where we lack and what we need.

    Kate, you have grown to be a strong, resilient young woman, and a loving mother. I am so proud of you.

    So I add my loving wish for a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, celebrating mothers today and those that came before us and are still dear to our hearts. An endless chain of family love.