Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving on

Lots of things swirling around in my head today and not quite sure where to go with them. I woke up far too many times last night - sometimes from the all too frequent hot flashes courtesy of my lovely hormone therapy but also from some other things weighing me down.

So the last two weeks I have not been feeling well at all. It has really been a mixture of things - chest infection, heavy antiobiotics, tiredness, stress, and trying to do to much. Well it feels like my body has officially called a time out on me as it is dragging its heels these days and I am just not feeling my usual self. Anyone who has been where I have been knows that the moment you dont feel "normal", it is impossible to not worry and wonder...So I hope it passes soon and it is just my body forcing me to slow down. But I think when you dont feel well, everything else just seems that much more difficult to manage and I have found myself falling behind in emails, phone calls, yoga sessions, meeting up with friends, etc...I just dont have the energy to do it all so apologies if any of you are only getting radio silence from me. Not intential folks!

In other news (I know hearing about my aches and pains is far from mind blowing) we are moving. No I am not moving out of Norway nor are we moving really that far away but it will be a big change for me all the same. We are moving for all the right reasons - more space, better community and environment for our daughter, less expensive and also to just make a change for ourselves. It has been a long and challenging 3 years for us and perhaps a new place will be just what we need to leave the last year behind. But being the sentimental gal that I am, I am finding myself getting more and more emotional about the impending move that will be happening next month. As I go about my morning routine which I have been doing diligently and happily for nearly 14 months, I am realising that this routine will be no longer soon. There wont be a leisurely morning for my daughter and I as we take hours to get out the door without worrying about being late for anything. There wont be a waffle to pick up on route to daycare at that Cafe around the corner where they know us by name - something we are doing perhaps alittle too regularly these days! :) And there wont be the amazing daycare with the wonderful children who my daughter calls friends and the staff who have helped our little family through such a difficult time and loved our little monkey like their own. I know our little one is young and she will adapt like a pro to her new environment and make new friends but it is sad to leave that place and the people behind. It kept me awake last night thinking about it all coming to an end. Maybe it is the fact that this home and this neighborhood holds so many memories for me. In the words of Samantha from SATC when Carrie was packing up her apartment to move in with Big - " Alot of shit went down in this place." And boy did it ever. We started a new life here, we become parents, we brought our baby home here and she experienced many of her firsts within these walls. We got married while living here and we also experienced some of the deepest horror and grief together under this roof. We also experienced so many moments of pure joy - those moments that just pop up in the most everyday things but are so beautiful and treasured. We definitely crammed alot in and now we are leaving it all behind. Again for good reasons but change can often bring up many different emotions and feelings to the surface. So make sure you contact me for the new address and come visit us in the woods!! Okay it isnt quite the woods but there are lots of trees, fresh air and small hills and no United Bakeries down the road. :)

Well that is all from me today. Hope you are all having a wonderful day.


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