Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello C

Hello C.

We have met, but I haven’t introduced myself. I am Mr. OBB. I didn’t think it would be necessary for me to approach you in this way, as Mrs. OBB has done a fantastic job telling you, and us, what we think of you.

For quite a while we have been happy that you had left us.

Now that we have found out that you didn’t actually leave, I felt it was time for me to remind you of a few things.

One - You are not welcome! Although, I recognize what you have taught us over the past 2 years, we were ready for you to go. The lessons learnt are still fresh in my mind and we don’t need to go over them again. I know I love my wife, I know how strong she is, I know what a great wife and mother she is.

Secondly, I would like to remind you of what you are up against. We are Team OBB, we are family, we are friends, we are science, we are too much for you. You are only a spec on an X-ray, in a place you don’t belong.

As for me. I am the spark, I am the knight in shining armour, I am the rock, I am the Cancierge. Our days are sunny and bright. A small dark cloud, like you, is not enough to block out the sun.

Lastly, let me set the record straight one last time before we see you gone for good.

Mrs. OBB - she’s mine, not yours.

Yours unapprovingly,

Mr. OBB.


  1. I was SO hoping you wouldn't have to hear the "c" word again. This SUCKS. I am angry at cancer for you. I have no advice, no words to take the terror away. Please know that so many out here in cyber world are sending you {{{hugs}}} and warm thoughts to counter cancer's gut-wrenching chill.


  2. I found my way here thanks to Renn.

    I'm so moved by your love for Mrs. OBB. "she's mine, not yours" :)))))

    that LOVE, is impossible to destroy.

    feeding the love. xoMOnkeyME

  3. i, too, found the blog thanks to renn.

    your letter to C was so touching; i hope you found some satisfaction in writing it, giving notice to the bastard so it can see what it's up against.

    i will keep you both and your family close to my heart, and will check back for any updates. please know that you are not alone.


    karen, TC

  4. Ladies - thank you so much for reading. And Renn - u clearly have a gift for for bringing people together. I so appreciate your support especially through this incredibly tough time. I still cant believe that we are back here again...maybe some denial or shock happening now. But my husband presented me with this a day early for mothers day yesterday (It is today in Norway) and I was blown away. He claims not to be a writer but I beg to differ. I had just written my own post to let everyone know what had happened but then after I read this, I realised that this was the perfect way to tell the world our news. xxx

    1. I agree, your hubby is a great writer! And an awesome guy. What a great Mother's Day present! I hope you are feeling the love of your blogging sisters and that it brings a ray of sunshine in the darkness. Post when you can. Sending {{{hugs}}}

  5. Dear Mr.OBB,

    What an honorable person, amaging supporter, and loving husband to your dear wife!!!

    It is so admirable to hear you so openly confessed "...I know I love my wife, I know how strong she is, I know what a great wife and mother she is."

    Mrs.OBB will be so proud to hear your promising remark that " I am the spark, I am the knight in shining armour, I am the rock, I am the Cancierge." You have phrased it so vividly!

    For sure, the sunny and bright days will shine on this adorable family again after the dark cloud is gone. Let's strongly believe it!

    All the best,

    1. Thank you - I am lucky to have him for sure. A real modern day love letter. We have been through so much together in a short time and have learnt so much from one another. But that is life - you never know which way it will go. He will definitely be my rock over the next few months. I hope you are keeping well and when you see my mom again please give her a big hug from me. OBB xx

  6. Hello,
    I'm showing up here via Renn's amazing blog too. I will be part of your virtual wall of strength. And this is an amazing post by Mr. OBB. Thinking of you both.

    1. Thanks for the support Nancy. He is an amazing husband and father. He doesnt often show that he is vulnerable as well - makes me love him that much more. :) x