Friday, June 24, 2011

Ode to My Cancierge*

* Wish I could take credit for this clever term but I am borrowing it from the wonderful Showtime tv show called "The Big C."

This is probably the most personal thing I have written on my blog and I am very self conscious about putting it out there. I hope this isn't too cheesy. And to my cancierge - you know who you are.

Ode to My Cancierge

When my world went dark,
You were the spark.
That brought the light back,
Turning me from victim to warrior set to attack.
It has already been a journey of ups and downs,
However I can always rely on you to get a smile out of any frown.
And who else could say I was beautiful with hair or not,
I now realize how lucky we are to have what we have got.
So this is an open message to you to tell you that I care,
And that I appreciate the loving armor you have given me to wear.


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