Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catching a Break

Ok so I had to write an entry after discovering some frankly amaze-balls information following my last entry. For some odd reason (or perhaps I just assumed and one should never assume anything in the world of cancer) that my chemo would make me bald. I mean that is what happens generally and I have experienced it first hand so why would it be any different now? Alas I am so happy to be wrong. This is one of the few chemos that most likely wont make you lose all your hair. It is not a standard breast cancer chemo drug and most of those make you into a cue ball hence my assumption. About 1 out of every 1000 people who have this drug will lose everything but most lose some and it usually doesnt warrant wig wearing. I cannot describe the relief upon hearing this news. Suddenly I could still be me. Even though chemo will make me feel so super crap there is so much comfort in the fact I wont need to shed a layer of myself. To everyone else, especially in the eyes of my daughter, I will look the same, just alittle more battle worn. This was literally the best news I had heard in months if not years. Now my hard earned pony tail would not have to be cut!

I went back to work yesterday and it was surprisingly good for me. My brain is definitely stuffed with cotton wool but being back in a non cancer environment is refreshing. Everyone was so happy to see me but it was slightly tiring responding to the question "So are you healthy now" 30 or 40 times. How do I answer that exactly? I really dont know. I know I need treatment to give me the best chance at being healthy but beyond that I just don´t know. By the end of the day, I was exhausted with a headache and kind of over relieving it all so many times. I have decided to try and work as much as I can manage through my treatment because I think it will keep me clear, sharper and less insane. Gettting a break from being the cancer patient will be good for me. Last time I had treatment, I learnt Norwegian so why not use this time to do something productive again.

We also got the PET scan date which is next Wednesday. This is my third in 8 months so I am a total veteran of the positive emitron transmission scan. No physical activity 48 hours prior so i will be chilling out next week. And then my husband booked our holiday! Woohoo!! I am so excited. Next Friday we will get on a plane and head to the sun to do what normal families do. Spend some time together in the sun just having fun. We will go without knowing the results of the scan and I am okay with that. After everything we have gone through, all the waiting and all the stress, it just doesnt seem like that much more to bear. I can´t change anything that has happened or that is in process, I can just remain hopeful that things wont get worse. For those seven days, I will enjoy my last few moments of freedom. And when I return from this trip, it will be time to get the show on the road. I have decided to get a central port put in to have all my chemo administered through. My veins are total nightmares from all the previous abuse so this will spare me the needle anxiety and missed attempts but I of course need to get the bugger put in. More on that procedure later when I find out more about it. Isn´t cancer fun?

For now it is a time to rest...the war has not yet begun.




  1. dear kate,

    wow - i can hear the relief you feel - yay! to keeping your hair! and going back to work, deciding it's a chance to have a break from being a cancer patient - good thinking.

    you are going to love your port! i've told everyone i never want mine removed - ever! having the veins of an infant - not fun.

    great you have the PET scan date, and fantastic you can look forward to 7 days of bliss in the sun with your family. does mr. obb take good care of you, or WHAT!!?? what a good man you have.

    love reading this post, kate and i am so glad that you are in better spirits. what a gift to be able to be receptive and grateful for the good stuff. you have a very special heart and YOU DESERVE every ounce of happiness and hopefulness that comes your way.

    love XOXOXOXO,

    your fearless friends,

    hugh and karen


  2. Good for you Kate! I can't imagine how excited and carefree you would be next Friday as enjoy your 7 days of freedom, relaxation and warmth under the sun. Wish you lots of fun,happiness and love with your dear daughter and hubby.

    Why not? Just remain hopeful,keep yourself busy with work, be productive and feel yourself useful. What well-thought strategic planning! You are half way winning the battle already. Way to go! Happy that your hard-earned pony tail is the true survivor!

    Hugs and Prayers