Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good news is Great news

Hi All,

Just a quick update to let you all know that I got the dreaded call yesterday morning while selecting some sumptious french cheeses at the local Fromagerie! It was the familiar voice of my old oncologist who took such good care of me in the early days of my initial diagnosis. He has such a calming effect on me and genuinely seems invested in me and my case. He said "We have some great news. Everything on the MRI looks clear and normal." I exhaled and felt instant relief. Another win for Team OBB!! Here's to many more. C-cells - you don't stand a chance against this amazon.

I realised again that being scared is of course terrifying to experience but also a completely natural response to a situation like this. It doesnt mean I have a defeatest attitude or that I am depressed or that I am weak - it simply means that I am human. I have a lot of reminders of my humanness these days not to mention my own mortality. I think i will rename 2011- My year of character building. And people let's just say I am shocker block full and I still have 4 months to go!

So thank you again for all your continued support.I never take any of it for granted.

And a shout out to Captain AC who rocked Round 2 yesterday!

This week is a definite victory. Time to eat cake! (who am I kidding - I don't ever need a reason to eat cake.) :)

More later,



  1. Alleluia !!! Wow, everything on the MRI looks clear and normal! A sure win again! Great time to rejoice, but not too much cake and sweeties though, instead, substitute this by giving your daughter and husband the sweetiest big hug and dance around.

    Glad to hear that Captain AC rocked Round 2 yesterday. I always have good confidence that she will survive well and walk out the battle triumphantly. Then the two of you can really celebrate. Meanwhile, you still have to be very patient and keep working on your "year of character building in 2011".

    I am now saying a big Thank You Prayer to God with a big smile, as once again, He has answered my prayer.

    Hugs and Prayer

  2. That is great news. What a relief to hear. Take care.