Monday, May 23, 2011

What got me out of bed today

What got me out of bed today:

Well this will be a brief entry because I am beyond tired and can’t seem to shake these 3 sherpas clinging to my back as I try to get around! I am trying to conserve energy to make it to my first solo outing – the physio! Truly riveting I know.
I am now on day 5 and I was really hoping I would be feeling better by this point. I am not sleeping well at night and barely conscious during the day. I feel like I am walking around with cotton stuffed where my brain should be and my extremities have gone all tin-man on me. And for someone who never really ever napped in her life, I had my first nap of the day by 8am so as you can see I am zapped.

Being on my own for the first time today, as my husband is back at work and my daughter in daycare, I must fend for myself. The thought that got me out of bed today was about other people going through this like me. But unlike me, people who didn’t have a supportive and loving partner, or a cheery and innocent giggling toddler in their house to lighten the mood, or a generous extended family who show up at the drop of a hat or a network of amazing friends. How do they do it? Because I am definitely not the first mother to get cancer, nor am I the first young person either. Plenty have gone before and many have done it without the amazing OBB team I have. So that is what made me push myself into the shower and out for a little walk to clear my head. Like I said before…perspective is everything.



  1. Oh Kate sweetheart! Love is coming to you from all the directions.
    mucho kisses!

  2. Bravo Kate! Birgit would approve the walk plan and I laud you too. Hope the sun came out ... love on a sunbeam to you from Vancouver

  3. Just spoke to Chris- she's following your blog with much interest and some tears... sends you love too and is thinking of you

  4. You know you are not alone Kate, your loved ones and we too, are with you. Take courage. Imagine, when I was going through my c-treatments two-and-a-half years ago, I was struggling all alone by myself. I was not that lucky like you, as I didn’t "have a supportive and loving partner around, or a cheery and innocent giggling toddler in the house to lighten the mood, or a generous extended family who show up at the drop of a hat or a network of amazing friends." Yet,how did I do it? The magic word is "Believe". I believe I can conquer the battle, so I must accept the unpleasant feelings and face the challenge. I am determined to live long as I looked forward to attending my daughter's convocation, so I have to find ways to comfort myself amidst the fear and struggles. Then I survived.

    Taking a good, brisk walk everyday is definitely a very sound act to do and should be built in your daily schedule. Oxygen from the fresh air and exercise is a good supplement to the treatment. Hope the weather will cooperate, if not, remember to cover youself well and never catch a cold. It's also important to stay away from the crowd as your immune system is at the lowest now. Before you have your next C-spa, ensure that you consume good nutritious food/liquid to maintain/build enough red blood cells, otherwise, they will have to postpone the 2nd treatment because if the red blood counts is not ideal, the 2nd shot cannot be applied.

    Think positively. Maintain a happy state of mind and accept the days patiently as they come along. Remember, you need to win and only you can make it work! Have no fear. Trust in your Higher Power if you have one. That's how I obtain my courage and strength.

    Prayers and hugs!