Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Soundtrack of My Life

So my idea for this blog was inspired by the many emails, calls and texts that I have received since I joined the Big C. I have had so many old friends reach out and write to me about the good old days and share their memories of me and our times together. I have so enjoyed reminiscing and it has also conjured up many of my own memories. I actually find that my memory is directly linked to music. I often can’t recall certain dates and times related to events in my life however if I hear a song I know exactly what year it was popular and what I was doing when I heard it. It must have something to do with my obsession with music in general. I lived and breathed “the mix tape” of the 90s and put so much time and care into each compilation. I remember one summer of lifeguarding where I would wrack my brain and CD collection (this was pre download) to come up with the best mixes that would make everyone ohh and ahh as each song hit the tape deck. So what are some of the memories that stick out?

Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh – Oh his smooth as leather voice was the soundtrack to our family road trip through France when I was 9. I distinctly remember a portion of the ride when my sister decided to stare at me for a whole hour or so without breaking character. I now applaud her commitment however I was truly terrified she was possessed and tried to construct a wall from a towel!

I can see clearly now – Jimmy Cliff. A good and very old friend of mine and I used to call each other and sing this song loudly and badly (on my part) over our speakerphones!

Strawberry Wine – Deanna Carter. Now this song suddenly popped into my head a few weeks ago and reminds me of my old friend and I driving in her ford explorer (AKA Bijoux) and belting out this sweet country tune.

The Diarhhea Medley – You know who you are! We were literally in a hotel closet singing the blues over missing a spot on the 8 Nations Swim Team and belting out this classic yet crude medley! Was made even funnier by being caught out of our rooms after hours by our coach and being threatened with suspension!

Tainted Love – Imagine the scene: A group of four girls and one guy hiking through a very hot and very dry forest on an island off Australia in the habitat of many a poisonous snake. I had heard that snakes sensed vibration and were scared away by it, so I began singing this 80s classic and without anyone saying one word, we were all singing in nervous unison trying to dissuade any potential snake attacks! Everyone was accounted in the end!

Superstar – Love Inc: Now I actually managed to choreograph my own dance to this song and have performed many a times in my university pub (the Pit), dorm rooms and even took it out of retirement for one night in a London living room!

Any song by Blue Rodeo: A classic Canadian band that my Euro friends would have no clue about. Two very good friends and I lived and breathed this band! Every song had a meaning to us and we knew every word by heart.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz. Heard this song the moment I realized I was truly in love with my husband! Enough said!

Well those are just a few of the songs that literally formed the soundtrack of my life! So many wonderful memories that make me laugh, cry and remember how great my life has been so far. I intend to make many more “mix tapes” for years to come and spin that dj deck of life into many more memories to keep.

What is the soundtrack to your life?



  1. Love it! I'm all about the soundtrack to certain moments in life too. Can't wait to hear your next compilations!

  2. I can feel that you are a bit more relaxed from the songs that you share, which have been part of "The Soundtrack of your life". It's good to recall good memories to light up your days, to make you feel happy for a while, and even to make you cry a bit. Yes, life is so wonderful, for sure, but it can be very fragile too. I don't need to say much about it, you know what I mean.

    Well, I guess you are more prepared than before as you await your second c-spa which should be in a dew days. After all, it's not that frightening and difficult to deal with. Right?! Now you have experience, you are ready for the next one. It might be a bit more tiring than the first, but if you have survived the last one without too much trouble, it should be another piece of cake.

    I hope your blood counts will be okay and the 2nd c-spa would be as scheduled. So you have your hair shaved? Looking nice and cute, just as when you were a little baby? Take a picture of it if you like, so your daughter can look at mommy's bald head and laugh at it.

    Have you been exercising/ brisk walking daily to pump in fresh oxygen to your lungs? I am sure the freshly-squeezed antioxident smoothies that have been feeding yourself will strengthen your immune system. Remember, your body is very fragile now, so don't let any other germs or disease have a chance to creep in. You need to reserve your full energy for the c-spas.

    Be patient! Believe! Laugh! Take it one day at a time! Keep on running the race! Eat nutritiously! Those are your daily vitamins. You need a long life so you can witness your daughter's growth and be there for her as a good, loving mom at every stage of her life. You haven't done the job yet. Don't forget too you have to hold tight the chance to be a grateful, dear wife to your hubby, who, most probably, is shouldering a big burden now, even though he might not have said it.

    Hugs and prayers!